Terrace, patio, garden tiles cleaning service

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Garden Tiles

We're specialized in cleaning outdoor areas with moss and weeds between each tile. Contact us, free quote.


Professional cleaning and removal of green algae on your outdoor walls and tiles. Book the service now.


Specialist in deep cleaning patios and wood or stone floors. We use special products. Make an appointment now.

We make your floor clean again

To clean tiles, patios and walkways we use high water pressure machine. We use adjustable water pressure to make sure not to damage the surface. Our machines can be used on natural stone, bricks, garden tiles and wooden surfaces.


Why Choose Us?

Clean Bricks

We clean all kinds of bricks, walkways, driveway and parking areas.

Garden Tiles

Professional cleaning of all your garden tiles, it does not matter how big the area is.

Weed Removal

One stop service for all your outdoor cleaning needs for your home.

High Water Pressure

We make sure to remove mold and algae off your decking.

Get a terrace cleaning quote?

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Before & After Cleaning

before and after mold removal on tiles

Mold Removal

We remove all kinds of dirt. Doesn't matter if it's floors, walls, bricks or other outdoor surfaces, we will get the job done. We provide a good quality service to every customer as well.

before and after cleaning

Moss Removal

We provide a moss removal service with high pressure jet wash for larger areas that need to be cleaned in your front yard, back yard or the driveway. We cover it all!

garden tiles cleaning before and after

Algae Removal

Send us pictures of the areas that requires high water pressure cleaning with a detailed description of the most concerned spaces. After, we'll get back to you with a quote.