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Mold on Wall

Professional cleaning and removal of fungus on your walls and tiles. Book the service now.

Mold on Ceiling

Specialized in cleaning ceilings and large areas with fungus. Contact us, free quote.

Mold on Floor

Specialist in removing mold on floors. Newest cleaning method. Make an appointment now.

We have a wide range of professionals for mold remediation

The cleaning is done with chemicals which are very toxic. We advise to always have a good air flow after treatment. At Housecleaners.nl, we always will guarantee you a professional service, and that all your mold, spores and etc. are removed.


Why Choose Us?

Mold Around Windows

We clean mold around all windows and make sure to remove all the spores.

Mold on Tiles

Professional cleaning on all your bathroom tiles, it does not matter how big the area is.

Mold on Wall

We make sure your walls end up clean and we remove all mold and fungal spores.

Mold Removal

One stop service for mold removal, cleaning for all surfaces in your home.

Get a mold removal quote?

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Mold Removal Service

staff removing mold from walls

Our Staff Is Well Prepared

We remove all kinds of mold. On walls, ceilings, floors or surfaces under your counters. Having a good quality service is important to us.

mold inspection

Book The Mold Inspection Now

We provide a mold inspection service for larger areas that need to be cleaned or when you have a mold infestation in your house or office.

mold on walls and around windows

Get a quote

Send us pictures of the fungi or the mold infestation with a detailed description of the most concerned areas. After, we'll get back to you with a quote.

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