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Children Mattress

Professional mattress cleaning for your children's mattresses.

Single Mattress

We clean mattresses throughout Amsterdam and surrounding areas!

Double Mattress

We clean your double mattress within 45 minutes.

Mattress Cleaning Amsterdam
€60.- For double mattress

We offer the best solutions to remove stains and odor. At Housecleaners.nl we use non toxic cleaning methods and iCapsule-technology with professional equipment to make everything fresh and clean again.


Why Choose Us

Wet Cleaning

We use a wet cleaning technique that is eco-friendly to make your mattress cleaner.

Stain Removal

Quick and fast service to remove all stains within 45 minutes out of your mattress.

Clean & hygienic

The specialist in mattress cleaning. Wonderfully fresh, clean and hygienic again.

Disinfect Mattress

House Cleaners disinfect mattresses of all sizes, children, single, double or kingsize.

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Mattress Cleaning Amsterdam

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Ready To Service You

We offer quality cleaning services for your mattress in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. Amazing service and good communication. We disinfect with hot steam and apply a wet clean.

mattress cleaning before and after

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Are you moving out or into a new apartment and need your mattress to be deep cleaned? Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote. Guaranteed fresh and clean!

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English Speaking Staff

At House Cleaners you can always ensure that you get the best services. We beat the competitors and put down the price. Just show us the quote and we will give you a better price.

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