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Deep Clean Services

Deep Clean Service Netherlands

Housecleaners.nl is a company that provides professional deep clean services in all areas. We specialize in move in and move out cleaning or the so called tenancy cleaning and properties that are heavy polluted. We also deep clean kitchens, bathrooms and offer mold removal or if you recently did a renovation.

Deep clean requires much more experience and special products to get the job done. We are able to remove limescale stains, clean radiators inside, defrost freezers, remove dirt spots out of your kitchen cabinets, oven, stove, dishwasher filter, remove construction dust and much more. Therefore a deep clean is much higher priced compared to a regular cleaning service where they only do vacuum and swipe the floors which is done by your regular cleaner.

What is a deep clean?

  • Kitchen cabinets top, inside outside
  • Fridge, freezer, oven, stove
  • Remove heavy grease kitchen extractor
  • Deep clean of floors, ceiling, walls
  • Deep clean bathroom tiles + grout
  • Windows + frame cleaning inside out
  • Upholstery, sofa, carpet, chairs
  • Heavy polluted areas
  • Mold removal
  • Cat and dog hair or mouse infestation
  • Balcony / pigeon droppings
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deep cleaning services

Our Pricing

Most customers ask us what a deep clean will cost. This service is based on a customized quote. Therefore we need to know the size of property and how polluted it is. It's important when you make an inquiry to let us know the amount of total sqm, bedrooms, bathrooms and levels the property has. If you could include the address and pictures of the areas that need cleaning that would be really great. After our team will provide you with a quote and when agreed schedule the appointment for cleaning.

Why Us?

We have been cleaning in all over the Netherlands for many years and have completed hundreds of cleaning projects in many different cities. Our company provides services for private/commercial and are reliable fast service and works in a team. We have many good reviews and are well known in the expat community. Our staff is friendly, trustworthy, use professional equipment and supplies. We have hundreds of different cleaning solutions in our truck when we arrive and can guarantee high quality work for every cleaning job we do.


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