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Curtain Cleaning

Quick turnaround for all your curtains cleaning needs, 10 years of experience.

Pick Up " Delivery

Paid pick-up and delivery throughout the whole Amsterdam and Amstelveen area.

Rehang Service

We offer special rehang service when we deliver the curtains back to your home.

We Ready to Assist You

We help and clean your property. With our professional equipment and qualified workers we finish cleaning jobs fast


Why Choose Us

Your Moving Out

We clean curtains when your moving out of the apartment or house. To make sure that the property is returned in a clean state.

After Renovation

We clean dusty curtains right after your renovation. We use a special dry cleaning technic to make your curtains shiny again.

Apartment Cleaning

You have a dust allergy and want your curtains cleaned. Get in touch with us for free quote. We provide a fast and good service.

Deep Cleaning

On request we can provide curtain cleaning when we do a deep clean of your property. Our team has years of experience in cleaning.

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Curtain Cleaning Services Amsterdam

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Our Staff Is Ready

Should you require any other cleaning for your property in the Amsterdam area. Get in touch, 100% satisfaction, quick booking.

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Make An Appointment

We provide curtain cleaning, rehang services, paid pick up and delivery when you move out of your apartment.

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We Speak English

At House Cleaners the main language is English, that's why we beat our competitors and give a better service.